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Pinkpop launches its evaluation report on the storms

26 Mar 2017 | Under Geen categorie | Posted by | 0 Comments

At the National Events Symposium in Amsterdam the internal evaluation of Pinkpop 2014 is presented. From the report of Advisebureau VDMMP it appears that the festival handled adequately with the storm that hit the festival, but that the organization demonstrated signs of  ‘wear and tear’.

The report shows that the clearing of the land has never been an option according to the organization,this was also considered in contingency plans with other editions. “The organization wants to keep people on the ground instead of campsites or uncontrolled in Landgraaf. The festival site is the safest location. There are plenty of lightning conductors. There is the possibility to inform collectively inform and instruct the public, emergency services are nearby and Mega Land is a land without (much) barriers, “states the report, which elsewhere also reported :” Clearing is only eligible, according to the organization, when surely a disaster of such notice is known is still to be cleared responsibly and peacefully. Once off the premises human behavior is no longer manageable, besides the fact that the public is then exposed to storm in an uncontrolled environment. A hasty evacuation is also highly undesirable to the public. With eventual panic or anxiety there are a variety of consequences to conceive , from sprained ankles to the trampling of individuals. ”

Read the full report here.

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