• Event Management

    Eventsure creates, supports and realizes special events. Eventsure assists its clients in the preparation, planning, execution and completion of their events where we look at each job for the ideal mix of ‘creativity’ and ‘productivity’.

    • Crowd Management & Crowd Control

    Eventsure supports (local) authorities, organizers and emergency services at the strategic, tactical and operational level. Through our experience with practice and by means obtaining additional advanced training in crowd management, we know what it is for you as a director or organizer to set up large-scale, complex and sometimes risky events. Eventsure provides advice and support in the realization of both indoor and outdoor events such as the implementation of new buildings or stadiums.

    • Project Management

    Eventsure guides and supports authorities and organizers in organizing projects. Eventsure gives advice and inspiration in the design of new project ideas and provides support in the preparation, planning, execution and completion of the project. Eventsure can act as a project manager in the plurality of sub-projects, and in the composition of the respective teams.

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