Training & education

Eventsure organizes training and customized courses in various disciplines and topics that are covered in organizing a party or event. We focus on both organizers and governments and their concerned departments. This list is not a finite list. Depending on your specific needs, we like to compose a tailored course for you around one or more specific themes. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.


    • Scheduling of events
    • Insurances and liabilities for events
    • Indoor vs. outdoor events
    • Permits and obligationsfor events
    • Branding en promotion for events
    • Creativity lab for the design and implementation of events
    • Financial planning of events
    • Events in a legal perspective
    • Trends and concept management at events
    • Elaboration of public events
    • Developing a good event policy
    • Organize accessible and sustainable events
    • The future of transformational festivals


    • Parties from A to Z
    • Safety and risks of parties and work with volunteers
    • A good party climate in your town
    • Insurance for parties
    • Parties inside versus outside
    • The ideal party venue or location
    • Parties and the law
    • Trends at parties
    • Crowd Control and limit neighborhood nuisance
    • Establish a good functioning of bar and volunteers people with tap course


    • Trends and the future of nightlife
    • Investing in nightlife economy in the development of your city
    • Nightlife as a marketing strategy for your organization or town


    • The base of a good organizational structure
    • Statute of the organizer and working with volunteers
    • Production and promotion, in practice
    • The different legal forms of organizations
    • Organize,legislation and working with volunteers


    • Security versus volunteers committed to a monitoring command
    • Conflict management and dealing with aggression at events and parties
    • Crowd management and crowd control and evacuation
    • Crowd safety and risk analysis
    • Safety and prevention at parties and events
    • Dealing with a terrorist threat and practice at an event
    • Social media & event safety

Prevention en health

    • The noise regulations and how I’m dealing with them in practise
    • Dealing with alcohol and drugs at events

Ecology and sustainability

    • Green events: sustainable and environmentally conscious organization
    • Minimal waste and sustainable event management
    • Accessibility at events


    • Formatting a good sponsorship and subsidy application
    • The search for subsidies and sponsors
    • Crowdfunding in practice
    • Alternative sources of funding

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