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Our Approach

Our approach is no-nonsense: people are central to everything we do. We invest and believe in people who want to develop and explore the skills they are truly passionate about. We are bold enough to say that we multiply opportunities and make dreams come true by connecting people.

We focus on guiding and supporting projects and events by assisting and sharing our expertise. Both before, during and after their creation so that we can guarantee their realization and optimize quality.

We have an eye for developing and creating innovative projects and events that are safe, sustainable and accessible to all, with attention to social competence recruitment and employment.

Eventsure approach - design, process, technology, communication, management, operations, entrepeneurship, finance, culture, environment, strategy

The power of our tribe & strong community

Eventsure Core, Eventsure Tribe, Eventsure Network
Eventsure Core

We are passionate and ambitious souls who believe in the synergy of bringing people together, each with their own strength. We are the driving force behind this concept and are proud to assist you, manage projects, share our knowledge and create experiences.

Eventsure Tribe

Throughout the years we have surrounded ourselves with talented people that cover a broad range of disciplines in the fields of event management, promotion, design, production, construction and many more. This results in a tribe that shares its strength and knowledge with others and engages with like-minded people from different sectors.

Eventsure Network

Besides our tribe we have built a global network of partners, suppliers and other organisations. It allows us to provide services on an international level. This community is a trusted force within our operations and gives us an overarching collection of know-how.

Eventsure VOF


In 2013, Robbe Van Bogaert and Bert Verstappen spent a few days together brainstorming about where they could make a difference in the events industry. By combining their specific backgrounds and experience, Eventsure was born. Since the beginning they wanted to commit to quality, originality and a better world for everyone. What started out as a mere proposition, with time eventually grew into a professional and reputable organization brimming with knowledge, expertise and ideas.

Eventsure has built up a core team and provides professional services to governments, cities/municipalities, organizers, and private companies such as clubs, hotels, restaurants, property developers and real estate agents. This organization has the ambition to further professionalize the events sector and to roll out its services more internationally.

Eventsure VOF: creative consultants on a mission
Eventsure Tribe: a collective of open-minded creatives and specialists

Tribe vzw


Parallel to the creation of Eventsure, a real tribe has emerged, waving the same flag. Throughout the years, a fusion of people from different disciplines and knowledge domains have gathered around the organization who wish to spread the same message, be it in a more social-cultural way.

The Tribe became an official nonprofit organization in 2019 that focuses on social purposes and wants to give everyone opportunities by growing together and joining forces. In this way, we transcend the individual.

In a world where transformational culture is increasingly prevalent and growing, so is our tribe. We connect people, cultures and disciplines.

Contact info

Eventsure VOF
Dorpstraat 15
2929 Kalmthout
+32 497 33 05 46

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