Club Contrair

Coaching of a successful club in an abandoned warehouse.

In March 2017, we assisted Tegendraads vzw to transform the vacant building next to the Red Starline Museum in Antwerp into a creative hub, a pop-up without 'air', called Contrair. 

The organisation came to us a week before the opening of the venue. They received a negative recommendation from the city and asked us to help them out. 

In one week we were able to put everything in order and Contrair could open on the planned date. 

We were happy to support this case, due to the characteristics of the project. Contrair stands for quality music and art experiences in an intimate and original setting. An informal atmosphere where discovery and acquaintance with the multitude of art forms are central. Where the (rusty) interaction patterns in the Antwerp art and music world are shaken up. On the ground floor of the pop-up was a bar, a club and an open space for performances, parties, cinema,... On the first floor one was immersed in the work of local (young) artistic talent. 

This was a very last minute job. The organizers were not allowed to use the location because the building was not suitable for it. We had very limited time to get everything in order. On the one hand we have assisted Tegendraads vzw with advice, on the other hand we literally built certain parts at the location to save the project: we made the abandoned warehouse operational by applying insulation boards, implementing technical acoustics and safety measures. 

Eventsure case - club contrair construction works
We are always up for a challenge and always aim to accomplish them with great success. We assist with advice and help, as well as providing resources and (man)power. Whatever your event - your adventure - needs, we are ready to make it happen.

It is important for us to support organizations and people whenever possible, even if there is a very limited timeframe. The pop-up was an incredible success, attracting no less than 20,000 visitors over a six-month period.

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