Creating a new international hotspot in a metropolis through cultural gentrification.

In an old warehouse it's all about removing the tags, tearing down the walls and breaking new ground.

From 2017 till 2019, Meatpack was a temporary creative district in Antwerp (BE) where knowledge, development and multiculturalism came together. In this case, the quality of these features depended on the character of the environment. But since the environment was (and still is!) so learning and inspiring, guaranteeing quality was not a problem. Creative economy was central here. Without it, knowledge and innovation would disappear from the economic and creative fabric of the area.

From start to finish, we and our partner NV Congé were responsible for the development, management and organization of this project.

Our goal is to foster the sense of community and the exchange of ideas by maximizing togetherness and interaction. Among other things, we provide affordable spaces for creative entrepreneurs so they can focus on what they want to realize. 

Meatpack was

  • ... a mix of culture, sports, business & tourism
  • ... a community where artists, photographers, filmmakers, architects, producers, event organizers work side by side
  • ... a podium for art, lectures, food, music and product presentations
  • ... a meeting place for young and old in the ‘Den Dam’ area
  • ... a spot for relaxation and exercise
  • ... a stage for local, national and international music
  • ... a venue for organizing, discovering and experimenting
  • … a location with space for innovation and cross-pollination between entrepreneurs and start-ups

Meatpack was also the homebase of the Eventsure Tribe and served as the perfect location for the Eventsure Academy. Furthermore, TAGS - The Antwerp Graffiti and Street art museum - did an exposition about 20 years of graffiti and street art in Antwerp Dam. For 4 weeks, 40 artists worked on beautiful works of art which they exhibited afterwards.

With this project, we prevent the vacancy of a 5000m2 warehouse. 

We upgraded the neighbourhood, gived it not only a national, but also an international appeal. We maximized the identity formation of the district, which increased social engagement and attracted entrepreneurship.

Meatpack is included in Trans Europe Halles, a network of grassroots cultural centres with members in 36 European countries, which includes Eventsure. The mission of TEH is to convert abandoned buildings across Europe into vibrant centres for arts and culture. By doing so, they aim to transform communities, neighbourhoods and eventually cities. Exchanges with all over Europe guarantee a continuous fresh wind of ideas and dynamism in the field of art and entrepreneurship. Meatpack is one of the first locations in Belgium that became a member of this European network.

Discover Meatpack: 

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