Global Nightlife Recovery Plan

Participating in an international nightlife community

It was not an easy year. Events, cafes, clubs,... all over the world had to retreat from the dancefloor and could not conduct their usual business. Covid caused the shutdown of an entire industry, making survival not evident. That is where the Global Nightlife Recovery Plan aims to provide a solution for. 

The Global Nighttime Recovery Plan is a collaborative, practical guide for cities that are trying to determine the best way to design and execute a safe and feasible strategy to reopen and reactivate their creative and night-time economies.

Eventsure is part of this international nightlife community and participates as an expert in giving advice and acting as a speaker at international conferences. We were asked to co-author this guide, along with more than 130 practitioners, academics, public health experts, advocates and industry representatives from more than 70 cities all over the world. The guide consists of 7 chapters in which we have shared our knowledge in the second chapter. 

You too can book us to be a speaker at your conference. Contact us for more information! 

Chapter two: The future of dancefloors

This chapter is all about survival, safety, innovation and inclusivity. These major themes are explored through industry insights, existing resources and global case studies in London, Turin and Seoul.

It goes into more detail about challenges and opportunities on the dancefloor, experiments in virtual spaces and envisioning inclusive equitable dancefloors. The focus is on building more flexible, open and innovative clubbing experiences.

One of our conclusions is that clubs already have expertise in health, safety and preventions BUT that the narrative around this can and should be on a more positive note. That’s why we brought the Vibecare training into life, which should be used to manage events and change the narrative. The training is equivalent to a team-building moment in which the entire staff learns to create an optimal visitor experience within a safe and accessible environment from which maximum turnover can be achieved. Contact us or read more about this training (and other trainings we offer)

It has never been more important to question, innovate and re-imagine the status quo

We added some very interesting Belgian cases in the Global Nightlife Recovery Plan. Cases in which Belgian organisations and event organisers reinvent themselves through bubble raves and virtual collaborations.   

The Dansant hosted afternoon parties with masked patrons and staff, but maskless dancing within household bubbles and visible support by Vibecare teams. Paradise City Festival held its (usually land-based) festival on boats this year, enabling social distancing between event goers. Ampere Club presented Ampere on Air, a hybrid model with three weeks of virtual programming and a partnership with Deliveroo to offer (online) attendees food boxes and boutiques cocktails to their homes. 

We infer that on an international level, organisations and organisers can learn a lot from the Belgian nightlife scene!

Meet the Authors 

We enjoy this collaboration and are immensely pleased to be given the opportunity to share our knowledge. Don’t hesitate to contact us to speak at your conference about this topic. There is also the possibility to analyse opportunities and challenges in your local industry via 1:1 consulting sessions. 

We would love to inform you and tell you more about survival, safety and innovation on the dance floor. 

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