managing projects with a hands-on approach

Your dreams, our passion.
Our multidisciplinary team allows us to handle projects of any size, from creating a strong vision to actual construction. We dream big… together!

Need an idea for reviving an empty space?

We guide you throughout your whole project

  • concept creation
  • design / interior / lightning
  • audio-visual installations
  • planning
  • budgeting / sponsoring / subsidizing
  • construction / execution
  • site monitoring

Your urban development plan lacks conceptual design and integration of events?

We connect the dots

  • spatial planning
  • environmental preparations
  • designing processes
  • creating strategies
  • data collection
  • gentrification
  • events programming

Got an idea for a project, but need help with the execution?

We support you in all areas

  • finding a suitable location
  • applying for permits
  • recruiting staff
  • looking for sponsors
  • subsidy options
  • audio-visual advice

Need help with drawings or technical plans?

We are multi-disciplinary

  • conceptual drawings of 2D and 3D plans
  • technical drawings of power and light points
  • lightning studies
  • design of counters, stages,...
  • crowd-control plans
  • architectural adjustments

Eager to do business but don't have a specific idea?

We inspire you

  • brainstorm sessions and workshops
  • market research and trend analysis
  • creating a business plan
  • development and validation of your ideas
  • promotional assets design
  • search for funding



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