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The production and coordination of an integral event policy

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Police zone HANO is a Belgian police zone consisting of the city of Hamont-Achel and the municipality of Pelt. The police zone belongs to the judicial district of Limburg. Currently, there is not really a consistent event policy that covers and coordinates the zone. Each city council has its own processes. Some are more offline than others (such as an event counter, consultations, ...). But in both, the police and fire departments worked in a somewhat outdated way. 

Eventsure, Pelt, Hamont-Achel, Politiezone Hano
We were contacted to draw up and coordinate an overall and integral event policy on the one hand and to give advice on streamlining and digitizing the events application procedure on the other. 

First we did a market survey with local event organizers, policy makers and services like the police and fire department to get an idea of the current situation. We looked at what is currently missing, what could be improved, ... In other words, we conducted a SWOT analysis. Following that, we presented our results with figures and recommendations. Using those results, we also created a flow diagram of an event request procedure. Then, we created a complete events framework with rules, definitions and categorization of events. This framework will be the guide everyone will fall back on in the future. 

Eventsure's approach for creating an integral event policy
Event request procedure flow

The challenge was to involve all parties at all times and get their noses in the same direction. 

The timing of this project was very important so we wanted to respect it. We kept up the pace, got everyone involved and produced a successful result…

The event policy applies to events organized on the territory of the City of Hamont-Achel and the municipality of Pelt within the police zone HANO. It describes the obligations for the organization of events and the support offered by the city councils.

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