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At the request of Szimpla Kert and the Night Embassy of Budapest, we went at the end of February 2020 to conduct a 3-day training on vibecare in the capital of Hungary. The Night Embassy of Budapest, is a community of nightlife doers, creators, curators, party goers and everyone who believes and lives in a 24h Budapest. Szimpla Kert is an old factory converted into a huge open-air cinema and pub. This place creates a unique framework for hosting concerts, theatre shows and many different cultural events. They invited us for a second time in their city to consult them about event management and everything around it. 

Other participants of the training were Durur Kert and Club Heaven. Durer Kert is one of Budapest’s leading, most characteristic clubs, within the walls of a former gym, chapel and lecture hall of a boarding school. With its various spatial capacities, Durer Kert can hold events of different sizes and sorts. Also the garden has become a unique space for cultural, life-style events, literary or movie nights, markets or open-air concerts. Club Heaven  is the newest big club in the city centre and is blessed with a perfect sound system, a breathtaking VIP floor and the latest in lighting and stage technology. Afterwards, we also visited all the event places at night to give them a hands-on club consultancy.

Vibecare training

Vibecare training is a 3-day coaching organised at an international level. The training is a team building in which the entire staff of events, concert halls and music clubs learns to create an optimal visitor experience within a safe and accessible environment where maximum turnover can be achieved. The training is a combination of crowd management, safety, organizational design advice, body language, learning to deal with aggression and team building.

Eventsure vibecare training and clubconsultancy in Budapest

On the first day of the training we focused on crowd management and atmosphere management. Crowd management is of great importance for minimizing risk, limiting care contacts, the prevention and/ or limitation of incidents, preventing the occurrence of uncontrollable processes when crowds move or gather, and for the realization of a high-quality, well organized event. The training also covers the crowd management flow, more specifically the 5 stages during your event: Arrival, Ingress - walk in, Circulation - the dance floor/ bar experience, Egress and Departure. While this approach was created before the outbreak of Covid-19, this tool applies to both Covid-19 logistics and “normal” event-management routines.

Also atmosphere management & triggers were an important part of the training we discussed the first day. This management consists of a combination of organizational conditions, artist behavior, visitor behavior, crew behavior, social factors, weather conditions and so on. These 2 items are key because when you add crowd management to atmosphere management (CM + AM) you get Vibecare

The second day we covered the psychology of the crowd, ‘How individual behavior is affected when large crowds come together.’ We covered various topics ranging from the 5 types of individual behavior, the different types of crowds, personal behavior patterns, phenomena & behavioral patterns, special phenomena and patterns to nudging techniques.

A bad trip? Not anymore! 

The psychedelic crisis also came up during our training. We have provided training in such areas as how to work with psychedelic crisis, tips to keep the psyvibe right, tips about alcohol abuse, how to deal with sexual harassment and tips in case of emergency.

The schedule at Szimpla Kert

Instructors: Robbe Van Bogaert & Marc Bogaerts (artistic director, also provides training to international agents and FBI)

Day 1 (thursday)

09.30 - 10:00h - Introduction to the participants

10:00 - 12:30h - Introduction to vibe management by Robbe Van Bogaert

13:30 - 16:00h - Vibe management and body language by Marc Bogaerts

16:00 - 17:00h - Open talk about experiences during the night 

17:00 - 18:00h - How do your work at Szimpla?

21:00 -  23:00h:  Observation on the nightlife location Szimpla kert

Day 2 (friday)

10:00 - 12:30h - Psychology of the crowd, marketing tools and vibe control. 

13:30 - 17:00h - Real time vibe management training

17:00 - 18:00h - How do you work at Park?

21:00 - 23:00h - observation on nightlife location Szimpla Kert.

Day 3 (saturday)

13:00 - 16:00 - Bar chat with feedback on both nights, questions and advice for the future. 

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