May 25, 2021

The Blauwhuis saga continues... The grand opening is getting closer!

The Blauwpoorte saga continues... The grand opening is getting closer.

What a year it has been.... But we have not been idle. Quite the contrary. We are currently busy transforming a 500 year old castle into a creative hub and social innovation playground. 

Blauwpoorte is a visionary urban development project by Urbes and JMA Group in Izegem (West Flanders, Belgium). The domain includes a new modern house complex, a monumental castle ‘Blauwhuis’, an orangery ‘Botan’ and a beautiful green park. We provide the design and implementation of the concept and program of this huge project.

At the moment… 

The transformations such as repairs to the grounds, the construction of the sustainable and residential homes and the interior of the castle are progressing enormously - towards the grand opening later this year. 

At each stage of the process, we assist our partners with advice, knowledge and operational help, which they always follow up as best they can as they continue to develop the various concepts on the estate. In the meantime, the environmental file has been approved and the non-profit organization has been set up.

The work on Blauwhuis and Botan is continuing steadily. Progress is visible every month. We are sure that in the coming months we will accelerate to further assist our partners in terms of content and get all the dots connected towards the grand opening. We are confident of blowing you away so.... be prepared! 

A monumental castle ‘Blauwhuis’ and a fun orangery ‘Botan’

The castle Blauwhuis will capture everyone's imagination and become the perfect place for creative makers, entrepreneurs and the general population to come together in one community. The orangerie Botan will be a meeting place that stimulates feelings of freedom, togetherness and self-awareness. Prior to the creation of  the program’s concept and design, extensive market research was done in the city of Izegem whereby each participant was given the opportunity to make a donation to the food bank 'De Stamper' in order to already contribute to the fight against poverty in Izegem. Curious about the results, the process and our plans? Read more about it in our case overview.

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